Latinalicious 2

Latinalicious 2 Adult DVD from Reality Kings
Latinalicious 2 Adult DVD from Reality Kings

Latinalicious 2 XXX DVD from Reality Kings

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Tiempo: 3 hrs. 31 Minutos
Idioma: Ingles
Año: Dec 13 2016
Studio: Reality Kings
Series: Latinalicious
Starring: Brittany Bliss, Isabella Darling, Jenny Taylor, Lacey Lucia, Mandy Muse, Taylor Reed, Victoria Roxx.
Género: Películas en Español, All Sex, Gonzo, Latin, vídeos en Español, Mamadas, Maduras, Lencería, Tetas Grandes.
Sinopsis: Jenny acabo de volver de Brasil, así que me encontré con ella el otro día y me dijo que a ella se le antojo algunas pollas. Yo no tardó en llamar a mi amigo Jake. El se acercó, vio a Jenny y fue a darle su martillo. Nos precipitamos a la cuna, y Jake había golpeado de Jenny caliente, en una escena de sexo, que parece color de rosa, y su coño hasta que ella estaba gimiendo y pidiendo semen. luego de Chupar las pollas, ella termina con semen en toda su cara y boca, luego ella se lo ha devorado todo. No hay nada más caliente que ver una chica sexy chupar arriba y tragar su carga de semen con esa linda boca. Cinco escenas de sexo sin control en Latinalicious 2, con la presencia de las estrellas porno mas hermosas de la industria. Brittany Bliss, Isabella Darling, Jenny Taylor y la hermosa Lacey Lucia, disfrutan de la polla y no dejan de follar, hasta no tener el coño muy abierto.

English Description: Five sex scenes without Latinalicious 2 control, with the presence of the Pornstars more beautiful industry. Brittany Bliss, Isabella Darling, Jenny Taylor and the beautiful Lucia Lacey, enjoy cock and can’t fuck, to not have the open cone. Jenny just returned from Brazil, so I met her the other day and told me that she is fancy some cock. I quickly call my friend Jake. He approached, he saw Jenny and went to give his cock. We rushed us to the crib, and Jake had beaten hot Jenny, in a sex scene, which looks pink, and its cone until she was moaning and asking for semen. After sucking dicks, she ends up with semen all over her face and mouth, then it it has devoured it all. There is nothing hotter to watch a sexy girl suck up and swallow his load of semen with that cute mouth.

Isabella Darling

Levi and Evan were chillin at the beach. Levi was trying to get a little workout in, and Evan was shooting video of the beautiful scenery. They started shooting the shit, and out of the corner of his eye, Levi caught Isabella putting on her roller skates and wanted a piece of the action. Isabella looked delicious in her little red thong and tied T-shirt. This sexy lady was a toned Puerto Rican that was a firecracker, and Levi had his hands full. But he worked his magic, joked around a bit, and used her recent breakup to his advantage. The plan was set to make a video to get back at her ex-bf. Back at the crib they quickly got to business. Levi submerged his face between her plump ass cheeks and ate that tight tiny pussy. Then Isabella sucked his cock with a vengeance to show her ex what he gave up. Levi took her for quite a ride diving his dick into her sweet honey pot as he hit it from every angle. Isabella got her revenge and with a face full of cum flipped off her ex-bf.

Jenny Taylor

Jenny just got back from Brazil, so I met up with her the other day, and she told me she was craving some white dick. I wasted no time in calling my friend Jake. He came right over, saw Jenny and was down to feed her his cock. We rushed back to the crib, and Jake pounded Jenny’s hot, pink, Brazilian pussy until she was moaning and begging for his cum. He jizzed all over her face and mouth and she gobbled it all up. There’s nothing hotter than watching a sexy chick slurp up and swallow your load.

Taylor Reed & Lacey Lucia

Bruce and Ivan met two hotties at a party and were all set to take them back to the crib when Bruce’s car broke down. They ended up having to take the train, and if it wasn’t for what the girls heard about what Bruce was packing, they would’ve bounced. Once at the house, the titties and asses were exposed, and another party was on. Taylor and Lucia were quite the pair with toned sexy bodies and gorgeous looks. They were a vision of beauty, and Bruce was lucky as hell to get them both at once. The ladies shared his cock as they sucked and licked every last inch. This debonair duo worked it well together until Bruce was left exhausted, and they were left covered in cum, which they proceed to seductively lick from each others bodies.

Mandy Muse

Evan and Peter were cruising through a local neighborhood when they spotted a sexy Latina pulling a cart. Her name was Mandy, and it appeared she was selling water to raise money for her sorority. The schoolgirl outfit she had on was quite the selling point. When Mandy bent over to get the bottles, we were happily greeted by her delicious round ass and cameltoe print of her plump juicy pussy. The guys got out of the car for a closer look and set up the plan to get her back to the house. They bought all her water and gave her the day off to hangout with them. Mandy was a fun-loving college girl, but she wasn’t stupid. She realized the cash was for more than just hanging, and this adventurous and wild Latina was up for whatever. Peter tapped that ass proper and made it more than worth her while. Mandy bounced that ass on his cock like a champ until she got a huge load to slurp down.

Brittany Bliss

Me and my boy Jerry were cruising around town looking to satisfy his craving for a Latina chick. He is from the Czech Republic and was visiting Miami so he thought he’d try his luck at banging a sexy Latina. We were walking around when we spotted a fine-ass chick yelling on her cell phone. We strolled up to this fine mama and asked what was wrong. She said she just broke up with her boyfriend. Jerry sprang into action and asked if she was a model. Gotta go with the photographer route to bag some ass sometimes. She was so ecstatic that we thought she was a model that her pussy was as good as ours. We brought her back to my crib and my boy banged her fine-ass, sexy Latina ass till he filled her pretty little mouth with his load.

Victoria Roxx

Damon had a little date with Victoria Rox at the local sushi bar. Young, Dumb, and Nineteen Victoria was super horny and freaky! She was dying to get Damon to notice her so she was crazy enough to show her juicy ass. The experience was so fucking incredible that we said “Fuck This!”, got the receipt and took things back to the house. But before we even got there Damon and Victoria decided they couldn’t wait and started the action in the front seat! Victoria sucked and fucked his cock and it was pure gold!

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