Tokyo Hot n1108 – Natsumi Kojima, Kasumi Iwasaki, Mari Saotome, Natsuki Hasegawa

Tokyo Hot n1108


TOKYO HOT gangbang Natsumi Kojima, Kasumi Iwasaki, Mari Saotome, Natsuki Hasegawa Natsumi Kojima, Kasumi Iwasaki, Mari Saotome, Natsuki Hasegawa

Tokyo Hot n1108

SP Part-1
Everyone of insult fans nationwide. Thank you for waiting! We are going to show you big gang bang special of this year! Natsumi Kojima, Kasumi Iwasaki, Natsuki Hasegawa and Mari Saotome are join this video and got lots of cum insert. We will introduce Idol unit call NKD 4 from Tokyo Hot. They have got beautiful legs and skin, also have pinkish pussy as well. They are very obedience for the guys. They love to recive cum shooting to the face and mouth very much. They also love to play as lesbian. They have got tight pussy as idol, so you can just try pussy witch one you like. Also this time we have got Megumi Tsukino as blow job trainee for cleanup dirty guy’s cock.please enjoy to watch big gang bang special of end of this year.
Many guys comes up to promotional events of NKD 4. Four girls hand shaking guys with touched boobs. A man of sponsors of this event and TV officials takes them uniform off and lick nipples and touch buts. They bear desperately.
After that they are gives blow job guys cock and guys cum shooting to girls face and mouth. After cum shoot, Tsukino come to cleanup guys dirty cock.
Guys takes Kojima, Iwasaki and Saotome to the another room and tells about that how important team works. So they are going to skin ship each other as lesbian play. They kissed and lick nipples each other.
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Guys cum inserted to Iwasaki by back side position. Another guys also cum inserted to another girls. After that Tsukino come up and cleanup guys dirty cock again.
On the another side of new face of Hasegawa is training by guys at another room. Guys takes her clothes off and lick her nipples. She has to takes a pose as open legs pose on the desk. Guys gives finger fuck to her tight pussy.
On the next part2 is show more hard play. They will joined to some games without wear panty. Four girls cannot stop acme at nest part. To be continue.


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Natsumi Kojima, Kasumi Iwasaki, Mari Saotome, Natsuki Hasegawa

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